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Competitive Nature Nutrition Bars

About Competitive Nature


Competitive Nature Nutrition Bars are created by elite level athletes who understand the importance of feeding your body right.


We are not merely presenting ourselves as healthy nutrition bars: we actually are!  With 10 or less ingredients in each of our bars and absolutely no preservatives, chemicals and cheap vitamin additives we have created REAL nutrition bars.


Our bars are designed for people who are looking for more out of their food.  We are happy to be different than mass produced nutrition bars.  We are staying true to the earth and our commitment to nature. We are the next level of nutrition.


Make the change and feel the difference with Competitive Nature Nutrition Bars.


Why We Are Excited To Sponsor Gymnasts And the Professional Gymnastics Challenge

  Competitive Nature Nutrition Bars is thrilled to be a sponsor of the Professional Gymnastics Challenge and gymnasts everywhere! The Pro Gymnastics Challenge is a skill-for-skill battle with mixed teams of men and women. PGC is not a normal gymnastics competition, just as Competitive Nature is not your average nutrition bar. The Pro Gym Challenge airs on ESPN and matches up the greatest and strongest World Champions, Olympians and National Team Members to compete their best skills head-to-head.


  Competitive Nature respects the dedication and commitment it takes to be a gymnast. Most gymnasts have morning workouts, evening workouts and intense strength sessions. Those taxing hours of training take a toll on your body. However, we believe that with our all natural, preservative-free and absolutely delicious nutrition bars we will be able to help gymnasts across the nation repair and recover after grueling workouts. 


  At Competitive Nature we understand that gymnasts work hard and we want to support their efforts with incredible nutrition bars that provide each athlete with the all natural ingredients that their bodies deserve.

 Shipping only available in the USA.



Competitive Nature Nutrition Bars are a proud sponsor of: